Turner Time

You had one of the best seminars at the conference. I really got a lot out of it.... I'm looking forward to the newsletters.

Sandy's Office Supply Inc
Mike Husaluk

...Your session was the highlight of the conference! Now, it’s time to get myself organized, using all the great stuff you provided.

Archaeological Consultants, Inc.
Joan Deming

Thank you so much for all the great information. I am looking forward to getting organized not only on my laptop, but also on my ipad and iphone. This is all great information!

Basic American Foods
Inside Sales Rep
Trini Terrell

Steve is a star in ALA's book! He is one of precious few speakers that received a PERFECT score on our evaluations. He is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended by the American Lighting Association staff and members.

American Lighting Association
Beth Bentley

My team signed up for one on one sessions and was amazed at how easy they could shave hours a week off time spent on emails. We are all looking for more productivity from our team and this is an easy step towards that goal.

Vice President of Sales Armour-Eckrich
Art Michaels

....your step-by-step instructions made it easy. Thank you, for the first time in years I don’t have a scroll bar on my inbox!!

TRS RenTelco
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Susan Boutwell

Just wanted to let you know that since I started your system – 6 files, 2 minute emails, short cut keyboarding versus mouse…..I have no more than 40 emails in my inbox at any one time. Your suggestions have been a huge time saver!! I have much more cont

Dot Foods, Inc.
Director Non-Foods
David E. Tooley

Your session was awesome at our meeting and one of the most insightful presentations I have been a part of.

Western Regional Manager
Shane Tase

....I have gotten so much done it’s crazy. Bouncing between the 6 folders and have my inbox to under 40 emails, action items to 43, waiting for answers down to 30 and read later down to 15!

Director of Sales
Greg DiLaura

Online Tutorials - TurnerTime℠ Tips



Changing Search Options in Outlook 2010

You can change the search options to customize Outlook 2010’s search feature.  This will eliminate some of the steps when you use “Search”.  In this example we will change the setting so that Outlook 2010 ALWAYS searches “All Folders” every time you execute a search.  The default setting is to search the CURRENT folder only.

Calendar Navigation Outlook 2010

Knowing a few navigation tricks can help you to be more effective when using your Outlook calendar.  This video is shown using Outlook 2010, but these tricks work the same in Outlook 2013..

Using Search in Outlook 2003

With the tools provided by Outlook 2003 it can be easy to find just the e-mail message you are looking for.  You can do a basic search or used the "Advanced Find" feature.  This can be a great time saver.


'Quick Parts' (Outlook 2010)

Quick Parts helps you to reuse content in e-mail messages by creating and using building blocks (i.e. company’s contact information, mission statement, or directions to your office). This video will show you how to create a Quick Part in Outlook 2010. It will also show you how to use the newly created Quick Part. There is one more quick tip that will help you to utilize the "Quick Parts" command more efficiently, adding it to your Quick Access Toolbar. That process is demonstrated in the second half of this video.

Save Un-sent e-mails to Inbox instead of 'Drafts' (Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007)

You can change where Outlook saves drafts of your unsent e-mail messages.  By default Outlook will save the messages in the ‘Drafts’ folder.  For me its “out of sight, out of mind”, and I frequently forget I have saved a draft of an e-mail message.  It will help you to remember the unsent message if you save them to your Inbox. 


How to Enable or Disable Internet Browser’s AutoComplete History (Google Chrome)

If you would like to toggle the Autocomplete data (such as usernames, passwords, web addresses, and search queries), on or off.  This tutorial will show you how to complete the steps for Google Chrome.

How to disable or enable Internet Browser's AutoComplete History (Internet Exploer)

If you would like to toggle the Autocomplete data such as usernames, passwords, web addresses, and search queries, on or off.  This tutorial will show you how to complete the steps for Internet Explorer.

How to disable or enable Internet Browser’s AutoComplete History (Firefox)

If you would like to toggle the Autocomplete data such as usernames, passwords, web addresses, and search queries, on or off.  This tutorial will show you how to complete the steps for Firefox.


How to Turn on Display for Battery Percentage (iPhone/iPad iOS 8)

In the top left corner of your iPhone/iPad you can see how much battery is left by looking at the battery icon. To get a more precise reading you can turn on “Battery Percentage” in settings.

How to Force an App to Close (iPhone/iPad iOS 8)

There may be times when you need to force an application to close. Pressing the Home Button to return to the Home Screen doesn’t actually close the app, it just hides the app from view. If an app is unresponsive or running slow you may want to close it completely. This process shown on iPhone 6 with iOS 8, but works the same on iPad.

How to Delete All e-mail Messages At One Time (iPhone/iPad iOS 8)

There is a small glitch in the software that will allow you to delete all messages in the Inbox on your iPhone/iPad. It is important that you follow all the steps in order. It can be a little more challenging on the iPad. These instructions are shown using iPhone, but are the same on iPad.


How to Determine Memory Usage and Cellular Usage (iPhone/iPad iOS 8)

If you have a lot of applications and save a lot of pictures to your iPhone/iPad, you may have a need to keep an eye on the memory usage. When a major iOS update is available you may need to clear out some photos or apps to make space for the update. If you use Cellular data as well as the Wi-Fi on your iPhone/iPad you may want to monitor the Cellular Usage so that you do not exceed your data plan for your cellular carrier (avoid unnecessary charges). This tutorial will show you how to monitor the Usage. This process is shown on iPhone with iOS 8, but works the same on iPad.

Stop Accidentally Moving Outlook Folders (Windows 7)

It is very easy to accidentally drag and drop items into a new location without realizing it (i.e. an e-mail folder in Outlook). If you turn on the ‘ClickLock’ feature on your mouse it can help eliminate any accidental errors. When ‘ClickLock’ is on, you have to click a second time to drop the item in its new location. ‘ClickLock’ settings are different in Windows XP and Windows 7, see the appropriate documentation and video for your operating system.

Use 'Print Screen' to Capture Dialog Box ONLY

You may use the “Print Screen” function to capture images and insert them in publications, e-mails, presentations, etc.  By adding one key when you capture the image you can restrict the capture to the dialog box only vs. capturing the entire screen.


Optimize Search Settings for Windows 7

Changing a few simple settings within your Windows 7 Search window will make it easier for you to find important documents and e-mails.